Sail Slow, Live Long

We’ve recently discovered the joys of slow sailing when we ran out of fuel and wind on our 4-day passage. We continued that slow sailing in Berry Islands, and ya know what? We think slow sailing is the secret to long life! LOL

Just kidding.

Anyways, it has inspired this new line of clothing and swag merch. Check out the shirts, the bags, and the hats. What do you think?

Sail Slow Clothing

We designed two new shirts – a short-sleeved and a long-sleeved one. The long-sleeved shirt is geared toward women, but the short-sleeved is unisex. We went with a more masculine font, but we discovered it looks great on anyone!!

New Drinkware and Houseware

And we have two new hats. These are totally cool with the leather patch premium look.

New Drinkware and Houseware

We’re also excited about these new items for the kitchen and house. Plus, it’s our FIRST-EVER towel!

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